HOA Property Management: Enhancing the Quality of Homeowners Associations

HOA Property Management: Enhancing the Quality of Homeowners Associations

Over 74 million people in the US live in an HOA neighborhood. Residents in these communities enjoy having beautifully maintained streets and landscapes. They also like having a say in what happens in the neighborhood.

If your HOA isn't meeting these expectations, there are ways to change it. You'll find that the key to good HOA property management is communication. It also helps to hire a management company.

These are only a few ways that you can improve your HOA community. Continue reading to learn more.

Transparent Communication

A homeowner's association has to be in constant communication with residents. You can post notices about community-wide events and changes to a bulletin board, send emails, put newsletters in mailboxes, or use social media.

Good communication does go two ways. Invite homeowners to address their questions and concerns through social media or email via your HOA website.

HOA Community Events

It's important to encourage engagement between the homeowners and HOA members in the neighborhood. The best way to do that is through community-wide events.

You can throw a block party in a community common area. Some HOAs have holiday-themed get-togethers to have a little fun while discussing the things going on in the neighborhood.

If your HOA doesn't have a common area, consider gathering in a park nearby.

After the event, get feedback from the community. This is especially true if the turnout wasn't as high as you would have liked. Getting feedback will give you better ideas when deciding on future events at your next meeting.

Let Homeowners Take Part in the Decision-Making

One of the perks of living in an HOA community is getting a say in what goes on in the neighborhood. Again, throwing events is a great way to get input from everyone.

You can also form a small social community that homeowners can join. Their unique perspectives will be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to deciding on events and making other big changes around the community.

Maintain the Community

Part of good property management is maintaining your HOA. Doing so will make homeowners feel proud to live in the community.

Call landscapers to mow and maintain the plants in common areas. Reach out to the right people to have the streets fixed and potholes covered. Keep community-wide amenities like the pool and tennis court clean.

Hire an HOA Property Management Company

As you can imagine, planning events and keeping the community maintained can be a lot of work for HOA board members. That's why many associations hire a property management company to handle some of the workload.

A management company can do more than organize events. They can also keep your board members up to date with laws and help your HOA manage its finances.

Enhancing HOA Property Management

Enhancing HOA property management is all a matter of good communication. You can't improve without feedback from the community. You'll also need to keep the neighborhood maintained and organize events.

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